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9 Stars

Each of the numbers assigned to the Luoshu (being associated with a different trigram) can be said to have its' own type of qi. These numbers are also referred to as "stars". The influentual powers, strengths and weaknesses of each star are cyclic in nature. Although circumstances and the environment may differ and time inevitably continues on, the inherent natures of each of the stars and how they will interact with each other and affect the environment around them are a large part of the expertise a Feng Shui consultant brings to the table in evaluating a property for a client. Scroll down until the dividing bar becomes visible, then click through the selections below for more information on the stars. When you are done, continue reading below the divider under the illustration area.
Basic Characterstics Cyclic Nature Number 2 Star

Characteristics of the Stars

Characteristics of the Stars

Above are "some" of the basic traits for each of the stars.

Each star also has a colour and name associated with it. These are shown in the table below:

Number Colour Name Description
1 White Tan Lang The Angel of Sheng Qi
2 Black Ju Men The Monarch of Sickness
3 Jade Lu Cun The Phantom of Misfortune
4 Green Wen Qu The Clever and Indecent Imp
5 Yellow Lian Zhen The Devil of Ferocity
6 White Wu Qu The Angel of Gallantry
7 Red Po Jun The Spirit of Destruction
8 White Zuo Fu The Angel of Wealth and Happiness
9 Purple You Bi The Angel of Vigour


A complete rotation of time is 180 years long. This is broken into three 60 year cycles which are called the "Upper Cycle", "Middle Cycle", and "Lower Cycle" respectively. Each of the cycles contains three of the periods (or stars), each lasting 20 years.

In the current rotation, we are now in the lower cycle, 8th period. Number 8 star rules, number 9 is heir apparent, number 1 is apprentice, and number 7 is retiring. The current rotation is shown in the table below:

Period Years Cycle
1 1864 - 1883 Upper
2 1884 1903 Upper
3 1904 1923 Upper
4 1924 1943 Middle
5 1944 1963 Middle
6 1964 1983 Middle
7 1984 2003 Lower
8 2004 - 2023 Lower
9 2024 - 2043 Lower

As you can see, the "Feng Shui" of any given structure or property is going to evolve over time. The trained consultant has the knowledge at his or her fingertips to be able to assist in maximizing the positive energies in a property and mitigating the negative energies. For those "good" stars that are inactive or in remission during a given period, their energies can be enhanced and brought forward. On the flip-side of the coin, the energies of the more benevolent stars that are in prominence during a given period can be tempered to a certain degree. The consultant can analyze all of the factors and develop a plan to apply techniques that improve overall health, wealth and quality of life for a client.

The interpretations that can be made in analyzing a property are not just applicable in this day and age. Analysis of famous residences throughout history using these techniques can be made and compared to the lives of the famous people who resided in them, bearing evidence of the merit of utilizing this knowledge and technique in the present. Monica Hess has written a book that makes a detailed analysis of "Mount Vernon", the residence of George Washington (first President of the United States of America) that illustrates how the stars affected the lives of Washington and his family. She has also done a condensed version for Mount Vernon and several smaller books on other Historical Landmark residences.

This brief overview of some of the basic precepts of "Feng Shui" has barely pierced the skin of all that lies beneath the surface. If it has piqued your interest towards learning more, contact Vicky for information about classes or what it will take to have one set up in your area. If she is unable to come to you, she will be able to assist you in locating a Feng Shui Research Center consultant near you who might be able to perform the service. Also, for more knowledge, there are several very good books on the subject listed in the Recommended Reading section of the Multimedia Link above. "The Idiots Guide to Feng Shui" is an excellent starting point towards learning more about this fascinating subject.

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