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Master Vicky Moane

Traditional Feng Shui Practitioner

Vicky Moane

Vicky, who is Irish, has lived in the UAE since 1982. She has worked in the Energy Industry for more than 40 years, being employed in the oil and electricity sectors. She became interested in Feng Shui in the early 1990's after reading an article in a newspaper. She was fortunate enough to become a student of Master Joseph Yu, who is one of the leading Chinese Feng Shui Masters in the world. His teaching is both logical and practical.

Vicky provides professional audits for businesses and private houses in the Middle East and all over the world using Classical Feng Shui, including Flying Stars, Form School, Da Gua and Water Methods. She has a wealth of experience in feng shui for businesses with clients as diverse as oilfield pipe suppliers, toy manufacturers, a forklift rental company, switchgear manufacturers, interior design companies, real estate companies, doctors' surgeries, alternative health practitioners' clinics, spas, veterinary clinics, kennels and catteries. She also advises on new building design prior to construction, working closely with architects and offices prior to fit-out.

Vicky is a Classical Homoeopath and has a diploma in The Clinical Science of Biochemic Therapy and uses facial diagnosis assisting to help find the correct remedy. She also does Energy Healing and clears land and buildings.

Affiliated with the Feng Shui Research Center, Toronto

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